LightWire is a diverse group of lighting designers joined together under the belief that lighting arts must be approached from a perspective including both technical knowledge and aesthetic insight. We firmly believe that form follows function and approach design from an understanding of desired lighting effect and quality bringing us to selection of lighting instruments as a secondary activity. Because we recognize that human perception is as important to design success as numerical standards, we design lighting systems that compliment their architectural settings while meeting accepted industry guidelines.

We strive to provide services that are valuable and affordable to a variety of clients over a wide range of architectural project types. Our work process is flexible to fit our services to client’s needs, utilizing methods ranging from informal sketching to state-of-the-art digital prediction and analysis tools.

To maintain an unparalleled level of quality in our work, we continually monitor and refine our processes to ensure clear, reliable documentation. Good documentation alone, however, is not enough. Experience shows that the best lighting installations result from open, collaborative efforts amongst space designers, lighting designers, builders, and owners. Our upbeat and responsive attitude facilitates these efforts.

We actively seek collaborators. Our client base is made up of people who understand that effective architecture results from stimulating, productive relationships.

LightWire is a woman-owned business. We are certified as a DBE by the State of Washington. While this certification does not affect the way we do business, we believe that it is an advantage for us, and our clients in securing public and corporate work.